Personal Development Workshops

We offer you the possibility to go beyond the individual hypnotherapy sessions. Why not participate in one of our intensive personal development workshops. You will follow the first one or two weeks of our basic Professional Training. Not only will you be given the conditions for a deep inner work, you will also learn to offer Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions to your friends and family. If, as many do, you then decide to become a professional hypnotherapist, you won't have to re-do the training, only to keep on where you stopped. Most participants to these intensive workshops experience deep inner transformation and see their life take a new enthusiastic start

"It is not just a training, it is a school of life!" Véronique L. (France)

This training is the foundation course for a diploma in alchemical hypnotherapy.
It stands alone as a powerful personal transformation workshop where participants spend time on their own personal process as well as helping the other students doing the same. We utilise group guided visualisation and practices to facilitate your healing. We support you in contacting the infinite source of love and wisdom which is your Higher Power. You will learn to anchor this power into your daily life utilising state of the art techniques of hypnosis and therapeutic process.

Daily practice in groups of 2 or 3 students under the direct supervision of a trained hypnotherapist will create a profound personal experience of the processes being discovered, and a far deeper integration of the day's learning, than is available in other hypnosis courses. In a safe nurturing environment and atmosphere, the emphasis will be as much on the transformation of your inner world as on the assimilation of new healing techniques. The deep inner transformation you will experience during these two weeks will have a deep effect on your life.

Intensive Residential Training Schedule

Registration at Providence 4 - 6pm the day before the training
Class begins daily at 9.00am and finishes at 6.30pm.

Days 1 - 2 Introduction to Hypnotherapy - Trance induction, deepening techniques, post hypnotic suggestion, rapport, pre-induction interview and goal setting before the session.

Days 3 and 5 - 8 Emotional Clearing - State of the art techniques for rapid clearing of emotional trauma and childhood pain, includes emotional release, inner child, inner family and inner mate.

Days 4, 9, and 13 Off - Time to practice with other students and enjoy the ideal conditions of Providence and the surrounding countryside. Enjoy the mountains, forests and local historical, cultural and spiritual Midi Pyrenees region of France.

Days 10 - 12 Inner Guides and past life regression - Using inner guides for rapid personal change, physical and emotional healing, creativity, spiritual growth. Ancient shamanic as well as modern techniques are offered. Past life regression as applied to emotional clearing, creativity, changing karma and relationships.

Days 14 - 17 Conference Room - Communicating with different aspects of the personality and working with them to facilitate behavioural change. The judge, the inner child, the rescuer, the victim, the cynic, the rebel. Learn how to help your clients create contracts with these characters that strengthen the will.

The Training finishes at 5pm on the 17th day.

Cost of tuition and books is Euro 735 per week + Euro 45 the 1st week.

Accommodation and meals cost are not included.

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