Somatic Healing

We offer 3 day certification trainings open to everyone, as well as individual sessions in Somatic healing

What is Somatic Healing?

Our Body is intelligent and has incredible in-built healing resources. Given the right conditions, it has the power to heal itself from all sorts of discomforts, ailments and diseases.
Somatic Healing is a tool allowing us to consciously participate in and enhance this extraordinary healing power, in a simple relaxed hypnotic state. The sophisticated yet simple techniques of Somatic Healing have been developed by the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis. They use visualization, imagination and hypnotic movements to help create the best healing conditions.

Not only is a Somatic Healing session a moment of deep relaxation, it is also a wonderful way to become the artisan of one's health and well-being.

Why take a Somatic Healing training?

Learn fast, powerful and easy techniques to help your family members, friends and clients activate their own internal healing process and obtain rapid improvement of their condition.

When to use Somatic Healing?

Practically every time a person experiences some kind of suffering, Somatic Healing can bring at least some significant relief. Often, results are far greater and it is not uncommon that a person having suffered for many years obtains immediate and lasting improvement.
Typical Applications

These are just some examples of ailments where Somatic Healing has been known to give outstanding results and provide lasting relief.

· Whiplash injuries
· Rheumatism
· Back pain
· Muscular pain
· Pre & post surgery work
· Scar tissue repair
· Sciatica
· Arthritis
· Fibromyalgia
· Migraine
· Headaches

Beyond these few examples, there are not many cases where a suffering person wouldn't get at least some relief when using Somatic Healing as a complement to the appropriate medical treatment.

Somatic Healing Techniques

General Technique
You will learn induction techniques to bring your clients to a light hypnotic trance and help them visualize themselves healthy, happy and healed. Once deeply relaxed they are encouraged to communicate with the affected body part and release the emotions associated with the pain, discomfort or disease. You will apply several visualization techniques to facilitate this process.
The Golden Sun
This method allows the therapist to use his/her imagination and body to channel healing energies to the person in pain. Not only is it useful during a Somatic Healing session, it can also be used in numerous circumstances where positive energy can make a difference.

Hypnotic movement
Body Intelligence at work !
Once your client has reached a peaceful state of relaxation often referred as light hypnotic trance, you will use different techniques to allow the body to move in whichever way it wants to. These movements range from invisible micro-movements to more visible ones. As the process goes on, pain and emotions stored in the body are progressively released. You will learn specific suggestion techniques corresponding to the presenting problems such as accident injuries, work or stress related pain, arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Color Healing
Powerful visualization techniques allowing the subject to "see" his healing process using different colors and shapes.

The Inner Healer
The Inner Healer is a powerful resource available at all time to help us in our healing process. Clients are encouraged to meet and visualize their Inner Healer working on their body. As well as several different ways to work with the Inner Healer, you will learn how to help your client establish a lasting healing relationship with him/her. This powerful archetype can even give suggestions regarding one's healing process, way of life, diet or exercise scheme.

Listen to Julie and Francois Gerland's phone conference about Somatic Healing: Click here Alternatively you can also try this link

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Individual sessions in Somatic Healing

Please write to us or call +33 (0)5 6160 3899

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Somatic Healing trainings

The next training will take place in Sydney Australia September 3 - 5 2010

Listen to Julie and Francois Gerland's phone conference about this training and Somatic Healing: Click here Alternatively you can also try this link

Day 1: Introduction to Hypnosis
Day2 & 3: Somatic Healing

Day 1 is facultative if you are already trained in hypnosis

It is open to everyone with a genuine interest in helping others and themselves to improve their health and well-being.

Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothes preferably made of natural fibers.

During the course of the training you will have the opportunity to both give and receive personal sessions.

Demonstrations will be given using volunteer participants. This is an ideal occasion to facilitate your own healing.

After the training, you will receive a certificate recognized by the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis (USA)

For more information, please write to us

Your instructor

Francois Gerland is a NGH certified hypnotherapist and Alchemical Hypnotherapy Trainer. He lives with his wife Julie in South West France where they both have a busy hypnotherapy practice and run "Providence", their Holistic Living Center. at the foothills of the Pyrenees.

"Francois is one of the top trainers our Institute has ever produced. He combines absolute mastery of the techniques with personal warmth, compassion, and a delightful sense of humor"
David Quigley, founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy and president of the Alchemy Institute. of Hypnosis


Please download the booking form or register on line

You can also call us in France (GMT + 1): Ph/fax: +33 5 6160 3899

Cost: 3 day training: Euros 325 / 2 day training: Euros 220

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Download the specific Sydney training PDF brochure

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