"Francois Gerland is one of the top trainers our Institute has ever produced.  He combines absolute mastery of the techniques with personal warmth, compassion, and a delightful sense of humor.  France has its own master Alchemist, and it is Francois Gerland."

David Quigley, Director and Founder, Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis

"My name is S. G. and I am 65 years old. I was diagnosed with ostero arthritis in my right hip and have walked with a limp and in considerable pain until a miracle happened. I do not take pain medications and really did not relish the thought of having hip replacement surgery. Consequently I more or less accepted the status quo and intended to continue this until the situation became unbearable. However, as fate would have it, a much more delightful option became available to me. I experienced a somatic healing session facilitated by Francois. The session lasted about 50 minutes and the results are no less than amazing. It has now been about 3 weeks since this wonderful experience and I'm very happy. During this time I have been very active including walking many miles, climbing stairs, working out at the gym, all free of pain. It's a wonderful feeling of release and I'm so thankful to have my body back in good order. The somatic healing session was one of the most excellent experiences I have had. The relief is profound and I sincerely hope that anyone in need will allow their body to heal itself free of intrusive procedures and dangerous medications. Thank you so very much Francois I am very grateful."

Stella, USA

"At the end of March this year, I had a very painful attack of gout in my left big toe and ankle.  I kept to a careful diet, low in purines, designed to increase the alkaline balance in my body.  I drank at least three litres of water a day and took a natural remedy aimed at keeping the uric acid crystals soluble.

The acute pain passed within a few days but for the next three months my foot remained slightly swollen and discoloured, with a low level pain which caused me to walk with a slight limp.  Occasionally the pain would flare – but not to the extent of a full blown gout attack.

Early in July I travelled to the SW of France and was fortunate to have a somatic healing treatment with François Gerland.  I was guided through a journey to meet my Inner Healer, where we focussed on clearing the pain from my foot.  The session lasted about 45 minutes and was very relaxing and comfortable.  At one point I felt as though the inside of my chest and stomach was pulsing and swirling in a rhythmic wave - this didn’t last very long, but felt very powerful.

Although the pain in my foot had not been intense at the start of the session, I was still limping and avoiding bending my big toe joint – so was walking in a flat footed way.  Immediately after the treatment my toe had more flexibility and movement and felt more comfortable when walking.  Over the next 24 hours I was walking more correctly and faster and now, three weeks later, there is no swelling, no pain and although I am being a little careful with my diet, I am eating normally.  I can walk normally and am very happy that the somatic healing played a big part in clearing away the last remaining discomfort from that gout attack."

Lesley, UK

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